You don't know what's around the corner

You don't know what's around the corner

"Too far to turn around… you don’t know what’s around the corner”, these are the words that envelop Rupert Guinness’ mind as he takes the next pedal stroke in the methodical rhythm of an endurance rider who has forgotten how many hours have already passed. Rupert is a sports journalist and author but lives another life on the bars of his bike as an endurance cyclist currently training for the 2022 Race Across America (RAAM) – a solo feat that some would say, only the ‘crazy’ would attempt.


A smile spreads across his face as he agrees that we all need a bit of crazy in our lives and he is testament to this with many hours of solitude spent in gruelling weather conditions where he is alone with his thoughts and emotions, more than once, questioning his own sanity. However, it is within this very challenge that he sees opportunity rather than adversity. “You have no choice but to deal with your demons and while you don’t always reach the desired result, you learn a lot from the experience – there are no failures, just lessons.”


If there’s ever a reason to motivate a person to not give up, it’s to find their “why” and what it means to them. Rupert relies on this to fuel his aspirations, describing it as “transcending to another state” just to get through it. “It’s not ‘normal’ to ride 20 hours a day,” he says, “so you train your mind to go somewhere else. Everyone has a limit and I’m still trying to find mine”. This determination and unwavering commitment inspired ChampSys to support Rupert in his endeavours as we kit him up for what will be the toughest training and event of his life.


We back our products for a lifetime of durability, stability, performance and comfort and we know without a doubt, they will help keep Rupert moving – because we don’t limit ourselves or our products either. For 15 years we have evolved and grown with our customers to meet their performance needs and match their sporting passion – and just like Rupert, we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner either!


- Written by Kim Taranto, National Relationships Manager