Design Templates

Listed below are nearly all the design templates we make at Champion System. You can download these files and use them to base your artwork and design on. These files are suitable to be used in AI and other design programs.

Please note that the CS logo will appear on all garments in the standard manufacturer position seen on these templates. We can look at sizing, colour and in some instances position so please contact us if you have a concern on logo positioning.

Cycling Templates

 Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Bottoms

Apex/Performance/Tech Apex/Performance/Tech


Cycling Jackets & Vests Cycling Skinsuits
Windguard/Winter Jackets Apex/Performance/Tech
Rain/Repel Jacket
Kids Vest/Jacket
Windguard/Repel Vest
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Triathlon Templates

 Tri Tops

Tri Bottoms

Apex/Performance Tri Top Apex/Performance Tri Short
Tri Suit Tri Speed Suit
Apex/Performance Blade Tri suit-Back Zipper Apex Link/Blade Speed Suit
Apex/Performance Link Tri suit-Front Zipper

Performance Link/Blade Speed Suit

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Run Templates