Apex Aero+ Jersey

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RACE SPECIFIC. AERODYNAMIC TECH. Once again the Apex collection provides the ultimate in cycling performances. Our 2020 collection features specific research and development gained from working on our own ‘Aero Project’ – 2021 Olympics – our quest to develop the most aerodynamic garments possible. The Apex+Aero Jersey is all about maximizing aerodynamic advantage. This is achieved by utilizing our VALE fabric, placed in specific positions and at specific angles to ensure maximal airflow or air disruption as required. Further updates for 2020 include an all new set in sleeve style, enabling a closer fit, and the use of an all new OZONE fabric on the sleeves and side panels which maximises breathability and comfort. If you like going fast and want to take every advantage you have, then the 2020 Apex Pro jersey is your choice. DETAILS + MORE INFO VALE fabric on front and rear panels. 85% Polyester 15% Spandex Weight – 220g/m2 Quick Dry UV protection 50+ OZONE fabric on side panels and sleeves 80% Polyester 20% Spandex Weight 209g/m2 Quick Dry UV protection 30+ Set in sleeve pattern. Half collar. Soft lycra upper zipper garage.