Design D - Australia World Championship 2-in-1 Skinsuit

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Customise Your Outfit

Limited edition Australian World Championship Skinsuit design. You have the option to select between the Tech, Performance or Apex ranges! 

Champion System have categorised our range into three distinct collections, enabling every athlete to easily determine what style of garment they should choose based on their own personal requirements:

  • ApexThe Apex collection accepts no compromises, it’s simply the best. Hand crafted only with the highest quality premium technical fabrics featuring market leading construction techniques. As the name represents, this collection is the epitome of performance sports apparel.
  • PerformanceThe Performance collection is “the go to” collection when you are not sure what your day will bring. This range is hand crafted from a selection of premium fabrics providing all round function, whether you are training, racing or simply on the local coffee run.
  • TechThe Tech collection forms the core of your sports apparel needs, providing a perfect balance between feature packed technical performance and practicality. This collection is designed and hand crafted specifically to do the basics very well at unmatched value for such an offering.