Fabric Face Mask - ONE PACK

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HUGE DEMAND has left limited stock HOWEVER more stock is arriving this week for shipment early the week of 27 JULY. Place your order and we will ship ASAP.

Together – Apart

With the ongoing and now more recent outbreaks of Covid-19 in Australia, the use of face masks may help to reduce the severity and length of the lockdowns.

Champion System has been a part of your community for over 13 years all over the globe. As humankind continues to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19 we wanted to provide a product that helps protects you and your community.

We have developed and started producing standard and custom face masks that help protect you and your community as we continue to all work on eradicating Covid-19. Our masks will protect you and others, by providing a respiratory barrier to restrict the spread of infected droplets in the air as you go about your business..

Our reusable masks are constructed with two layers, with the option for a third filter layer. The outside layer is made from a hydro phobic material which helps to repel airborne droplets. The inner most layer is made from a soft knit fabric, that enhances collection of droplets and aids in moisture management. Finally the optional middle layer, itself a 5 piece PM2.5 Filter, featuring a non woven meltblown fabric, provides utmost protection utmost protection.

  • Outer layer - Function: water repellent, preventing penetration of droplet.
    • Woven Water repellant Fabric 
  • Middle layer - Function: filter to form a barrier against germs. EACH PACK COMES WTH ONE FILTER
    • Meltblown Cloth
    • Non Woven Fabric
    • PM2.5 Filtration
    • 5 layer construction
    • **FILTERS are NOT Mandatory - they are just an additonal measure
  • Inner layer - Function: moisture management and absorb moisture released by the wearer. Knit fabric


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