Performance Winter Bib Knickers

Customise Your Outfit

A thermal roubaix 3/4 Bib Knicker that sits half way up the calf, providing excellent warmth and comfort for Spring and Autumninal rides. Utilising our new CS WinterFleece™ fabric throughout these tights are the go-to option for winter riding in comfort. High-wicking properties keep the fleece lined fabric reactive to changing riding conditions.


  • Unlimited number of colours.
  • Made from genuine CS WinterFleece™ fabric.
    • an incredibly lightweight and warm brushed fleece. It’s a single-sided fleece, which means that only the inside is fleece-lined. The outside has a smooth finish.
  • CS Tech Mesh bib shoulder straps.
  • Radio/ipod pocket for storage.
  • Superb elastic gripper to hold short in place in all conditions.
  • Pre-dyed inner panel available in 6 colour options.
  • Available with high-quality Dr.Pad® premium Italian chamois -  click here for more info.
  • Available in Men's and Women's fit.