Why I Ride.

Shorten babbling about death taxes. Sco-Mo spruiking economic leadership, Alan Jones chirping freedom of speech and Israel Folau, Old Man Trump picking fights with 1.3 billion Chinese, where is Big papi??, how to be an influencer, how not to be influenced, ‘weight’ doping on Zwift, who is Roxy Jacenko?? ------- so. much. noise.

And then I clip in and from that first pedal stroke – silence.

This is why I ride.


No distractions, no voices in my ear, no white noise…. Just the pedals turning over. Some days the pedals turn less easily than others but that feeling of solace is always there.

This is why I ride.


I like a good hit out with my mates or the local club every week, but sometimes you just have to be on the bike by yourself, content with where I am right at that moment – no distractions.

This is why I ride.


Why do you ride?