Path to Poznan - Week 2


Before getting into some specific training and efforts for this race I have just had a quiet week off the bike allowing some recovery for the body and some mental recuperation as well, leading into the next training block. Had a hit out at the Sydney Metro Road champs over the weekend and the lack of riding was evident, however, I find as I get older time off the bike is more important.


This down time allowed me to reflect on what most see as the most important aspect of any race and indeed cycling in general – kit design 😊.


Over the years there has been some confusion around what design you are allowed to use for this event. It is clear – as long as your jersey represents the country you are riding for then there is no issue. There is no requirement to wear the CA supplied design.


I am not a national champion, never will be so I will not be wearing the CA approved design which in my eyes looks like the national champ strip….. looks great, but not for me. Kit design allows a rider to express ourselves, from mild to wild – it is all a personal choice.


So what do I choose for design? Needs to look good and at the same represent Australia – what do you think?


Along with design I need to decide what kit I am actually going to wear. A number of considerations go into this – weather, race conditions, length of race, fuel requirements, body composition (often overlooked) and personal comfort. Whilst there is still a couple of weeks before I need to make this choice, my initial thoughts are that it is going to be hot and the racing will be fast, so my key requirements will be Breathable, Lightweight and Aerodynamic – in that order.


The first garment that springs into mind is our Apex Summer Race Suit – ticks all the boxes above and is comfortable and practical.


I may also run with the Apex Bib Short and Elite Jersey – again similar characteristics – just a bit more traditional with the bib and jersey combo. Will ponder some more.

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