Path to Poznan - Week 1

Path to Poznan - Week 1

Over the years whilst I have been living in Asia, and as I get older, and even slower, I have turned to Masters racing which normally consists of multi stage races, criteriums and ubiquitous one day Gran Fondo events.

The Gran Fondo style events have surged in popularity in recent years with UCI even endorsing a Gran Fondo ‘World Championships’. For the last few years I had qualified for this event via events in Australia and Indonesia, but due to multiple excuses never actually attended. In 2019, the Championships fall in early September in Poznan, Poland and for me there is one outstanding feature that sets this one apart – there is only 451m of vertical over 151km – there probably could not be a flatter course. Added to this, as winner of a qualifying event, I am given the opportunity to start from the first row of my age group 40-44, giving me a theoretical advantage. There are no excuses this year.

Let me be clear - I am under no illusions of grandeur, I fully understand that this is not a ‘real’ World Championship. I know also that I am not the fastest, nor the smartest bike racer going round, but I see this as an opportunity to test myself against athletes all over the world on a course that on paper suits my Clydesdale weight category.

So lets give it a crack.

Over the next few weeks, I will keep you updated on everything from kit design, to travel plans, the costs involved, training, diet or lack thereof and anything else I can think of that you might find interesting.

Stay tuned.