Path To Poznan 6 - Riding for Fun

Path To Poznan 6 - Riding for Fun

When training for a specific event or race, specific efforts and training sessions are required. These efforts might be 5 minute power, 20 minute power, sprints, climbing, repeated efforts – whatever is specific for the event you are training for. In my case I am working on repeated efforts that replicate going with an attack or bridging to a break, followed by sprints whilst fatigued.

These efforts are pretty hard and very specific so they are best completed alone. Riding day after day, hitting numbers, looking at power, solo, can get – well – boring….. motivation starts to wane, its get harder to get up each day and harder to finish that last effort. Sometimes I wonder why? Yes I try to remind myself I need to do the training so I don’t get to embarrassed in Poland, but still I struggle.

Then I remember the ‘bunchie’.

Every one has a weekly bunch ride that they can turn too, with familiar faces on a familiar route in familiar conditions. You know who is who, you know the lay of the land, where to attack, where to sit in and where the coffee stop is. In the bunchie you can forget about the power numbers and efforts and just concentrate on the wheel in front of you. If you are feeling average, you can sit in, or if you are feeling great you can take pleasure in hurting your mates.

On the days when I am lacking that motivation or asking myself why? I hit the local bunchie. It helps me clear the head and remember that riding is all about having fun! Even if fun means groveling on the back up some climb somewhere I always feel better after a solid bunch ride and a few coffees...